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Top Reasons Why You Must Have An iPhone Update Right Away

Well, we all hate phone updates, especially if it will be done at least once a month. This is the case of the iPhone getting updates on a monthly basis. What the heck, seriously? Why can’t they just give as a one-time update good for a number of months? Well, we love to rant, don’t we. Well, the latest update of the iOS, the iOS 8.3, packs some goodness for iPhone and iPad users to keep up the pace of their phone’s performance. There are reasons why we have to consider the iPhone update now, at least for iPhone users. There are the top reasons why you have to update your iPhone right now.


  • phone siriSiri is way better – If you have noticed that there could be something wrong with Siri, then you noticed right. However, you have no problems. The problem lay with Siri. The good thing about the latest iOS update is that Siri will give you a brand new experience. The update made Siri speaks like never before. It gives her a more engaging tone, even if the words she speaks are the same. It is unnecessary, but hey, it is a subtle touch that you can notice. Siri also comes up with jokes that are not quite funny. Even Siri’s pronunciation of the street name through the Maps app is revamped.


  • Fixes that are family-oriented – If you are using iPhone for quite a while, then you know the app called as Family Sharing. The first time it was released, it is not the smoothest of the apps, at least wait for the next iPhone update. But the latest update will make you check it. Parents would love this app. It made the Ask to Buy notifications more consistent. This lets users grant the permission on iTunes or App Store purchases. Likewise, the latest update lets parents filter the iMessages of their children from people who are not present in their Contacts. This is indeed a great security measure to ensure the kids’ protection.


  • carplayCarPlay can be controlled wirelessly – After the latest update, iPhone users will have the chance to control their car radio, even without plugging their handsets. CarPlay does not require any iPhone to be plugged into the USB port just to control the radio. The interface of CarPlay is by now directly beamed from the handset to the head unit of the car. This gives a seamless control for people who like to access radio on a fly. It has become more convenient to them.


  • Emojis galore – If you are a fan of emojis, then the latest iPhone update download will satisfy your cravings for more emojis! Think about having extra 300 emojis waiting to be discovered. This set of extra emojis has been added to the iOS keyboard, so you are sure to give them a try soon after you updated your OS. One thing I like about the new emoticons is that Apple has managed to slip one Vulcan salute (Hello, Mr. Spock). And I know I will use it on a regular basis. If you are hyped for the iOS 8.3 update, then you have to get it now.


  • Wi-Fi gives more freedom – Who doesn’t love Wi-Fi? We breathe Wi-Fi by now, and it has become one of the basic commodities today. Whenever there is a huge software update. It appears that some users are experiencing bugs that they must not. The last update has let people suffer from intermittent access to the internet; all because of the Wi-Fi connectivity. The guys from Apple have heard about this complaint, and they have done something about it. They provide an update for the Wi-Fi in the latest iOS update. Here’s hoping that the Wi-Fi connectivity issues will be dealt with positively.


The Need To Update Your Phone Immediately


If you do not want to have any problems with regards to your phone, then you have to consider updating it right away. As soon as it is permitted, you have to look for updates. This is important for you to have a seamless experience. These are the reasons why you must update your iPhone. Although they are not so remarkable,they are essential for the best experience with your phone. All you have to do is to update right now and get a hold of these new features, and avoid iPhone update problems.

Bad Habits On Technology That Are Ruining Your Life

windows mobile phoneTechnology has so much to offer, especially nowadays. It has helped our lives easier to live, which is why we have to be thankful about the advent of technology. From our home to the offices, we use computers, handheld devices and other gadgets that help us go on with our daily lives. However, at times, technology could also be the cause of problems for some people. How is technology the source of evil? Well, technically, if you use technology to further your evil plans, then that is the time that it could ruin other lives. The same rule can also be applied to you.

Most of the time, we rely on technology too much to the extent that we forget how to interact with the real world. People tend to put the blame on technology for the daily problems they commit. If you have already used this kind of excuse, then you are not alone. There are other people who also develop bad habits as a result of too much reliance on technology. Here are the top bad habits that may be associated with using technology.

What Are The Tech Routines That May Affect Our Lives?


  • Reading someone’s text while in the middle of a conversation – Well, let’s face it. We all have a knack for answering text messages, or reading them, while in the middle of an important conversation. This is a bad habit that we developed over the years of using handheld devices. It is not only unprofessional, but it is rude. There are people who even check their phone every five minutes to make sure if someone is texting them. This is annoying, so to speak. If you are speaking with a person and you don’t have the full attention, it seems a little awkward, especially if it is a one-on-one conversation, though this is old technology news.


  • Breaking up with someone using a text message – This is another unprofessional way that most people are doing these days. If you want to break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend, then you must have the guts to say it to his or her face. Never send a text message saying that you no longer have feelings for your partner. Other forms of break-up excuses are though social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter. If you really respect your partner and you want him or her to likewise respect you, have the guts to say it personally. This is in the technology timeline for quite some time now.


  • Updating a Facebook status using complete, nonsensical happenings in your life – “I’m drunk! So I’m sharing this photo of me and a horse kissing each other.” This is complete and utter stupidity! There is a boundary as to which updates you would like others to see on your Facebook or Twitter. Remember that other people can see what you update on social networking sites, which is why you have to be extra careful, unless you really wanted to make a fool out of yourself. This can help yourself be saved from the humiliation.


  • Technology is, apparently, not the greatest teacher regarding spelling – Since the dawn of the technological age, we are all caught up about how fast communication is. So fast that some people even forget how to spell the words right. Some even use internet acronyms like LOL, GTG, CTC or TTYL. Not all people know the internet lingo, especially the elderly. Learn how to type the words correctly! Or better yet, write a technology essay!


How You Must Cope With Today’s Technology?


Technology is not evil. The evil part comes if a person fails to realize that there is more to life than the world of technology. The mentioned bad habits here can be changed. Do not be consumed by the technology of today. Make sure that you know how to balance your life using these technological feats without actually being affected by them. Also, this gives you the chance to become more open to people.


Make sure to respect others as much as you wanted them to respect you. This is important if you want to have a good relationship to anyone around you.  These bad habits about technology must be prevented from worsening, and for you to do that, you have to make sure that there is enough discipline in you. Avoid these bad habits and have a better interaction with everyone.

What Are The Best Antivirus For Your PC?

antivirusWe all need to have some sort of antivirus to make our PC safe and clean at all times. If you really want to use your PC unit for a long time, then you have to make sure to avoid any threats that may come with it. At times, while browsing, we might be directed to a website having viruses. When this happens, our PC could be at a potential risk. Some viruses are so strong it will incapacitate our PC. If you want to make sure to avoid any viruses from spreading on your PC, then you have to make sure to download the best antivirus today.

The good news about antivirus is that you will never run out of options. You could even download more than one antivirus on your PC for more security. However, that being said, be sure to download the right software. Ensure to likewise take advantage of the best antivirus comparison today. If you don’t have any antivirus installed on your PC, well, it could be worse. I have an antivirus installed on my PC that I use all the time. The fact to the matter is that when you have an antivirus, you will get rid of any threats away from your PC. This is important to preserve the life of your hardware, as well as the software.

If you are having second thoughts about choosing a particular antivirus, let me list down for you the best antivirus you can install into your PC for optimized protection. Each year, these antivirus programs are being modified to suit the preference of the people. Plus, they are offering an added protection and safety for the users of these programs. The antivirus scene is pretty huge, but you have to determine which one will really support you.

How Essential Is It To Install The Right Antivirus For Your System?

I would also like to tell you that the antivirus today comes for free, or with payment. So, if you are itching to get a protection, then go for the free ones. However, like what others paid products can offer, paying for an antivirus gives you a total control of eliminating any threats within your PC. Also, it gives you the peace of mind that you can get rid of the threats in a real-time basis. Here are some of the antivirus software I crossed upon the web:

Ad-Aware Antivirus


Ad-Aware Antivirus – The Ad-Aware Antivirus offers the best way to eliminate any threats from the PC. The interface of this antivirus is pleasant and it is easy to use. Nevertheless, this software could not fully contain or block any malware from the system.


360 Internet Security360 Internet Security – Another antivirus with a user-friendly interface is the 360 Internet Security. It is one of the better antivirus products that comes for free. It has all the basic functions of eliminating threats from the PC. However, one thing I don’t like about the 360 Internet Security is that at times, it doesn’t know which ones are the good programs and which ones are the bad.


Avast! Free AntivirusAvast! Free Antivirus – If you are a fan of free antivirus, then I suggest you go ahead and try avast! Free Antivirus. It is one of the best antivirus for Windows 8. There is nothing wrong in trying these free antivirus systems. To date, the avast! Free Antivirus has a series of new features essential to blocking threats from the PC.



Avira Free AntiVirusAvira Free AntiVirus – Another free antivirus that is worth checking out is the Avira Free AntiVirus. It does a great job of preventing malware from spreading and eventually blocking them. It also has high marks from the labs, which is why it is highly recommended. So far, this antivirus does not give me any headache. It is my current antivirus, and it is quite good. One thing it lacks, though, is the tech support.

The Overall Importance Of Antivirus For Your Computer

I think that without any antivirus, the malware, spyware and other threats will roam around freely within your PC. This could potentially destroy the overall integrity of your computer, which is why the use of an antivirus should be considered in every way. The listed antivirus programs here are free. So, if you want to try them, you won’t spend money. This is ideal for you to know the best antivirus that will suit your own preference.

My Clean, Honest Review Of The Razer Electra Headphone

Razer Electra headphoneAre you into PC gaming? I am! That’s why I make sure I have all the essential PC gaming stuff! From gaming mouse to keyboard, I invest money to ensure a full blown gaming experience, let alone a computer system intended for gaming. So what else do I need? A gaming headphone, of course! And by gaming headphone, I mean the best yet cost-efficient! If you really want to enhance your gaming pleasure, you have to invest money in your system! In my case, I got a Razer Electra headphone.

I bought mine in a local mall for a decent price. The store is generous enough to let me try the headphone before actually purchasing it. I was sold the first time I hear all the sound effects present in the gaming headphone! It is a great value for the money, considering that it is from Razer. Razer is known to create the best gaming components for PC. I was pretty sure I was in good hands when I took the Razer Electra headphone!

So, how does this stack up as a gaming headphone. One word; awesome! The Razer Electra is one of the best gaming headsets I have had for quite a while. It has given me an optimized experience when playing games. Compared to my generic headphone I previously used, the Electra brand is phenomenal! It’s like you are in the game and you are the actual character! A moment of caution, though. If you will play a horror-based game, do not set the volume to max! Otherwise, you will surely have the scare of a lifetime! Trust me, you need to have a Razer Electra review.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of The Razer Electra Headphone?

If you want a decent gaming headphone, then you have to know the advantages and the disadvantages. The first positive thing I noticed about this headset is its bass quality. If you are like me who thinks bass matters, then you have to consider this headphone. I love how deep and how controlled the bass of this headphone is. Also, it is compatible not only for PC but for handheld devices. Sometimes, I use it on my handheld device when traveling. The guys from Razer also throw two sets of cord with the package; one with the microphone and the other without.

With regards to the build quality, it is excellent! You will not feel like it’s a substandard headphone you get to buy on sidewalk sellers. Another thing I like most about the headset its comfortable, soft ear pads. I barely notice any stress in my ears after hours of using it. Indeed, the Razer Electra best buy is one of the best yet reasonably priced headphones today. On the other hand, this headphone also has its own share of disadvantages.

When it comes to audio, I want my headphone to be of the highest quality, but let’s face it. We can only have so much for the price we pay. That being said, I find the treble in this headphone a little artificial. Also, the fact that it does not come with a volume control makes it not too versatile, if you wish to adjust the volume, you have to pause the game and adjust it in the options menu. Furthermore, this Electra headphone is bulky, which is why I only use it while traveling, and never while walking out. Most of the time, I don’t use it outside. It is just in my PC ready to be used anytime I play.

Should You Buy The Electra Headphone From Razer?

Personally, I would highly recommend the Razer Electra for everyone who wants to get the best quality audio for the price they pay. Budget-wise, this headphone is reasonable. I really like how its overall design and quality has served me until now. It is surprisingly remarkable for a budget headphone. On top of it, it is still Razer, which is why you can expect that it is not all about its brand. Take one for yourself (I got the Razer Electra black series) and experience the best gaming with excellent quality audio. It’s like you are the actual character in the game. You can purchase the Razer Electra headphone online or in your local PC gaming shop. You will never go wrong once you get your ears on this amazing headphone.

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