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Leroy says:

Got call early Sunday. Called back and recording said number disconnected.

Hassan says:

I got a call from this number this morning, did not answer it.  It said, Sandy Spring, MD.  OK, if this really is the FOP, they would have that come up on caller ID!  I never donate anything on the phone, I tell them to mail me something with information.  Most times I never get a thing, so most are scams I believe.

Ferdinand says:

Got same message, Call back has all circuits busy.

Tracy says:

They keep texting me trying to get me to give them info for a job in my city sounds like a scam...

Gene says:

Call received at 9:13am 4/5/13 No message left

Fausto says:

CID shows "MICHIGAN CALL" . PH# 248-213-6726. No message left on my answering machine.

Spencer says:

Dont let txts come thru either

Francesco says:

It is not illegal to just call a telephone number on the do not call list. The stupidity of the law is that there is no penalty. It just created the list and made it available to telemarketers who might voluntarily abide by it.

Eddy says:

Computer call about home alarm system. Spam and calls many many times.

Rosendo says:

.your translation program isnt working too well. Actually, its not working at all. PS: If you hadnt already figured it out, youre the only scums around here.

Bruce says:

I get a phone call everyday around 2:30.  I never answer the call but when I check my voice messages there is only music playing.  No one ever speaks.

Lucio says:

Just got a call from these jokers same as Louise. The recorded message they left claims they are from a Courier Service. No process server is going to warn you, common sense folks! The number they left was for Cooper Mediation Firm. Hrmm the message said it was from a process server. Cooper claims to be collecting on a payday loan from Castle Payday. Had my attorney call them for fun. They kept claiming this that and the other, all bull. Attorney read them the riot act. Asked why nothing was sent in writing, all they would say is he has been contacted several times. Kept claiming I owed this debt without actually providing any evidence. When asked to fax verification, all they would say is I have been contact several times. When asked for a physical address to mail a C&D to, the guy got weird, put my attorney on hold, then hung up. Go fig!This company is based in Western New York but is using Google Voice or MagicJack to spoof a San Antonio number.

Danial says:

I had two rings before caller disconnected.

Devin says:

CallerID showed a name of "9057034090"

Shane says:

I have Verizon and started getting them today. 3 today.

Melvin says:

Just called my mobile (which is on Do Not Call list); no message.

Bobbie says:

don't want to be bothered

Israel says:

Okay,A couple more:12/15/2014806-443-1638AMARILLO TX12/20/2014817-327-4786TEXAS12/21/2014956-232-4546CELLULAR CALL12/23/2014972-793-5049HOMEADVISOR, INWhen will it end?!? - Its almost comical now, I half expect every other message to be from these yokels...At any rate, I wish you all a happy holiday season :)

Donte says:

I just got a request concerning an add I had for sale and she gave her name as Linda.

Brain says:

He's a heartbreaking jerk

Mose says:

Sorry, but I disagree. I have been on the DO NOT CALL list since its inception, and I have so many telemarketing calls, I can no longer answer my phone. I deleted the personal message, turned off the answering machine completely, and turned off all my ringers, and they are still calling !

Buster says:

IDK what you mean by your guarantee I wont get calls. My husband, son and I are all registered on the failed do not call list. You make me laugh.

Deshawn says:

called my one number did not say anything when I picked up

Adrian says:

Just received a text saying I won a free $1,000 gift card from Target. How did they get my number?

Ahmed says:

LOL! Your tax dollars at work!

Jamey says:

I have been getting calls ever 1/2 hour on my cell phone from 8:30 am - 3:00 pm so finally I called the number back. It is a financial institution to help lower debt and if you press 9, you can be taken off the list well I pressed 9 and it went to a busy signal. I texted this number to tell them to quite calling and that I was going to file a complaint with do not call list - So let's see if they call back

Jewell says:

Sent me a link... Really sick of this...

Merlin says:

Bill collecter for somebody else, keeps calling!@#$

Robbie says:

Called on my home phone and when I asked who was calling they hung up.

Harley says:

Caller was from---apparently---Stockton, California. Did not get "BCPF" on my telephone.

Vicente says:

1-888-201-2316 called and I answered the phone by the 2nd ring...I kept saying hello, but nobody was there!

Josh says:

known CraigsList scammer. Watch out - he offers to buy vehicles sight unseen. He is also a known paypal scammer, so dont send him any money. His name is Richard David and he also will threaten to turn you into the FBI if you dont get back with him. What I joke! I found this information on other websites so I thought that Id post here too in order to warn other people.

Hayden says:

I don't know couldn't understand them

Bryant says:

This caller ID merely had the number in place of a name. Fortunately, they don't bother leaving messages. These folks need real jobs and hobbies.

Henry says:

I was getting those calls to what I did was turned on my call block and put the number in like this 000 000-0 and have not got anymore calls since and if you start getting calls from Unavailable Private and use these codes: (000-000-0001 and 100-000-0 )put all three codes and never worry about those calls anymore they also work for the Unavailable 1 and Private 1 when you see on your caller ID.

Esteban says:

Heard the cell ringing, quit before I got to it, caller ID was 2053169988. Searched for the area code. I do a couple of folks who live in this area code (western/north central Alabama) but neither has this number. Glad I didn't get to the phone in time.

Kyle says:

All I know is I received a call from this number, & I know , no-one in Bellington WV.

Quintin says:

Also, contact your Governor's Office and the Attorney General who will take action.

Ross says:

Unknown Name 123-123-1231

Phil says:

Called but didn't answer. Googled the number and it appears to be from Verizon financial services.

Cletus says:

I did this, still get the calls

Carmelo says:

this person has called several times insisting we are calling his phone all hours of the night. Checked phone records and there is no calls going out to this number. The guy was very rude and swearing so much.

Josh says:

block his calls and texts

Wallace says:

I purchased appliance at Lowe's, and the service repair stated Sears.

Darin says:

I tried a reverse lookup on 112-233-4455 on Anywho & they sent me to Intellius which said that this is an invalid phone number.  Any ideas?

Clement says:

they just keep calling all day everyday. I have over 50 blocked calls from them. its so irritating

Jamal says:

They have called my cell phone all week, when I answer there is dead silence and then they hang up. So today I called them back, and it was the Grande Hyatt Hotel. Nobody answered for the operator, or in the sales department. Hmm wonder why? I wish there was a way to report this number. So I'm going to block them!

Steven says:

Yeah I got a missed call from this number.  They didn't leave a message.

Bernie says:

no one picked up i called back and they answer and hang up.....