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Karl says:

you tracked poo all over your house to answer the phone c'mon. You are ranking up there with the dumbest people ever, take the toilet paper with you and wipe on the way at the worst, dont just squat on your couch with a crap covered butt.

Erich says:

Have no account with them and they call 3 times a day 7 days a week soliciting.

William says:

Bruce please pick up the phone when I call you, I really want to talk to you, we have plenty to talk about, you know like the laws you are breaking and the fdcpa violations.  

Warren says:

7:57 pm 204-257-4210 Winnipeg, MB.  Phone rang twice I picked it up they hung up immediately.

Eliseo says:

Amen! Thanks for that reply. :)

Mathew says:

someone called me from this number and left a message saying that if i visited

Kareem says:

They called 20 times back to back

Kieth says:

I just got the same call. Weird!!! The number was listed as 0-000-0.

Perry says:

They left voicemail but didn't say anything

Grant says:

last month my fathers freind got scam by an agent and then made him send 1,000$ to india an they said his daughter won 9,000 my god these people need to be arrested for good and get locked up !! please nypd help people get there money and stay away from this

Elroy says:

automated recording for health spa.

Jasper says:

threatened you with what?

Harland says:

Another one trying to get through!

Alex says:

Its Sallie Mae.. Boooooo!!!

Whitney says:

called many times a day -- ask Patric, sucks!

Roosevelt says:

Medco. Sales call for mail order scripts

Charlie says:

adding charges on my landline

Laurence says:

They just called me and when I answered they hung up, I guess because I am not male lol oh well. Thanks for the link

August says:

Calls and leaves voice mail with no message

Rickie says:

Yo this number kept calling me & I have no clue who this is..creepy

Kristopher says:

I have been receiving continuous calls from this number to my cell phone, which is a business number.  I do not know what they are selling; however, I have made it clear on a number of occasions that I am not interested.  Text messages returned to this number do not seem to be doing anything to stop these calls.  I intend on taking legal action if necessary.

Kennith says:

Wasn't familar with the phone number, wasn't on my number list so I didn't answer.

Teodoro says:

This number calls me 5 damn times a day!! Very sick of it!!

Marion says:

Calling 877.999.7705 does no good in this regard -- it says that they do not take action against unwanted callers.

Elliott says:

This number called several times.

Brenton says:

I received a text message at 4:54am stating that I win 1000 gift card. How did I won?

Gerald says:


Tommy says:

The company's name is evolution painting. They do great work, give them a call.

Thaddeus says:

I have had several calls from this number, they do not leave a message. I am on the do not call registry.

Erasmo says:

Okay, they are a "goodcompany"? Right! You should not have to pay money to borrow money. That just scam talk trying to convince us that this is the real deal. Only in Oopa Lumpa Land.

Norris says:

Call was from a company wanting to lower my electric bill. I did not pay attention to name of company, I just said I was on the do not call list and she hung up before I could tell her to take me off their list.

Kerry says:

they called my cellphone also but did not answer. Called the number and it has a recording saying that number is not in service. But the recording sounds fake or not from a phone company. Like its there voicemail but did there message that way.

Craig says:

arent political surveys exempt from the do not call list?

Norberto says:

Same old lowering interest scam

Clint says:

Got a call from a person named mark and he gave me gave me a good service of my 2 computer and he charged me 380$ for lifetime security the company"s name is swap pc care and he have provided me many software.

Noel says:

Local jerkoff. Avoid calls at all costs.

Brent says:

Someone just called my cell from this number in Marietta Georgia. There was a lot of background noise, then some Indian guy asked for Mike. When I told him he had the wrong number, he asked if I was looking for a loan. What???

Garry says:

I had the same text as the previous poster. Number sent a text with my name and a link which I did not click. Looks like spam

Barney says:

Absolutely right. Your tax dollars at work!

Claud says:

i got a phone call from someone pretending to be robert mills phone#516-204-4169 please stop the calls .Thank You

Ronald says:

I posted on here as well.  Interesting.  I just messaged a friend and she said she was getting these quite frequent.  Then she just decided to not answer so they went away.  Interesting that they hung up on you.

Lawrence says:

2 explanations of how the paypal scam works.

Oren says:

I tried this site and still get calls. It may work for some but did not work for me.

Jay says:

this company has called my phone number incessantly for the past year or more. They call my husband, my job. They promise to take me off their list every-time, but alas... never do.

Alphonse says:

This number called me, left no message, and when I called them back they wouldn't even tell me what kind of company they are or what they were calling me for unless I gave them my cell phone number, which I didn't do.

James says:

she is stalking me I want her to leave me alone

Cleveland says:

I continuously get calls from this number between 8:30 and 9pm. When I answer they just hang up. I call the number back to report the calls to a supervisor and theres an annoying recording that hangs up on me too. Such BS!!!

Angel says:

You've been picked for the Apple drawing! Get the ipad2 now at!if anyone trusts this then go for it...I sure don't. I did call the phone number and it was a google subscriber where you can leave a message.

Walter says:

Caalled me at 10:11 am April 26.  I haven't posted on Craig's list (or anywhere else -- I don't even use Facebook.)  I never answer an unknown caller.

Joan says:

Just received a call from Stoney Shirley saying there was something wrong with my computer.I told him there is nothing wrong with my computer, not to call me again and hung up.